New Co-Working Spaces Tailored to Working Mothers’ Help Balance Work and Family

    Posted by TASC Large Markets on Jan 20, 2022 9:23:21 AM

    Working mothers have had a very challenging time balancing their careers and their family obligations since COVID-19 brought normal business practices – and normal home lives – to a halt in early 2020. When the pandemic closed offices and asked employees to work from home, some employees made the switch easily. For working moms, however, the transition was much more complicated.


    Finding a time and a place at home to attend Zoom meetings, answer emails, collaborate with coworkers virtually, and concentrate on their normal work tasks was a challenge, since most working moms did not have a dedicated office space. Also during the quarantine many schools, daycare centers, and in-home daycares shut down. The difficult juggling act of simultaneously working and attending to the needs of small children caused many working moms to leave the workforce entirely. Others realized that they wanted to spend more time with family and less time at work, so they opted for part-time employment, or a hybrid of remote and in-office schedules. But the question of office space and dependable childcare still loomed, even with reduced work hours.

    The Rise of Co-Working Spaces for Moms
    Responding to the unique challenges of this time, mom-centric co-working spaces have emerged. What started as temporary work spaces for freelancers, writers, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the tech industry has morphed into co-working sites that are tailored to the needs of working mothers and women re-entering the workforce.

    For a monthly membership fee (or day-pass) working women now have access to a variety of work spaces, conference rooms, communal desks, lounge areas, private telephone or teleconferencing booths, high-speed Wi-Fi, printers, copiers, and other resources, allowing them to get work done efficiently. Designed to encourage comfort, creativity and productivity, many feature luxurious, spa-like design, tons of natural light, and food – either in a commercial cafe in the form of free coffee, tea and healthy snacks.

    To cater specifically to working moms, many flexible office spaces have also added drop-in daycare centers and mother’s rooms, complete with breast pumps, bags for milk, refrigerators, and changing tables. For parents with older children, the co-working spaces often have supervised play spaces, open gym equipment, libraries, and after-school tutoring.

    Some co-working companies have even added health, beauty and wellness services for members, in addition to workspaces and nursery services. That way, when working moms need some self-care, they can take time out for manicures and pedicures, yoga, and workout classes.1

    The Beauty of Coworking
    For many women, having a dedicated space for their work – even if it is only a few hours per week – is a dream come true. For moms, these spaces are a refuge, where they can get out of the house for a few hours, be comfortable, and focus on doing their best work, knowing that their children are being well cared for just a few rooms away. Many formerly remote workers are also looking for a distinct separation between career and home – ideally without a long commute. Co-working spaces, conveniently located in the suburbs, can provide all of that. They can even offer free parking.2

    Flexible Schedules are Welcome
    Unlike traditional workplaces, there are no set hours when employees need to be in the office at their desks when they are using co-working spaces, so this offers parents ultimate flexibility. Some locations are even open 24/7, allowing moms to work unorthodox hours, if they choose.

    A Big Perk for New Moms
    Co-working spaces with childcare centers attached are particularly attractive to moms with young children since they can go to a workspace and be close to their kids at the same time. This allows moms to continue breastfeeding or simply take play breaks with their child, while also having the space they need to actually get work done. Instead of trying to cram work periods in while a small child is napping, moms can have a set amount of time to concentrate on work tasks. For moms returning to the workforce after maternity leave, this is an excellent option.3

    Co-Working Can Be Good Companies
    According to recent statistics on employee burnout, 76% of those working from home say the biggest downside of remote officing is the lack of social interaction with peers. It follows, then, that an overwhelming majority of co-working participants reported that the biggest benefit was simply interacting with other people – even if they worked in a different fields. This makes coworking spaces a good third space employers can provide as part of a hybrid work model.4

    Co-working can also be good for productivity and retention. In a GCUC survey 84% of respondents said being in a co-working space made them feel more engaged and motivated; 69% said they acquired new skills while interacting with others there; and 68% reported enhancing their existing skill sets as a result of working in co-working spaces.5

    Looking Ahead
    In spite of the pandemic, the number of co-working spaces is projected to double worldwide, by 2024.6 One of the biggest drivers for growth is expected to be corporate investment in co-working spaces, as companies reimagine workplaces that allow ultimate flexibility and offer shorter commutes, while supporting the needs of working parents.

    Editor’s Note: For workers working remotely, TASC offers a Home Office (Reimbursement) Account and separately, an Office Supplies Expense Reimbursement Account from more than 50 benefit offerings that can be instantly configured to create custom plans that meet employee needs; where they are in life.


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