The Employee Benefit Experience

    Posted by TASC Large Markets on Aug 28, 2019 5:25:15 PM

    At 75%, self-service platforms as a strategy, was ranked the highest importance for the Employee Digital Experience, in 20181. Today’s employees expect their benefit information to be easily accessible and the experience to be intuitive. Self-service is the norm and transparency is expected. More importantly, it should be the same experience, consistent across all devices.

    Your workforce is diverse, tech-savvy, and expect individual needs to be met. The benefit experience must be digital and on par with the ‘when I want it at my fingertips” experience they already know as a consumer. The digital benefit experience is about using their health, wealth and well-being benefit accounts to maximize and optimize their healthcare dollars, and save for today and tomorrow.

    This kind of employee benefit experience drives engagement and improves both attraction and retention, is one that is smart - with the digital benefit experience on par with their digital consumer-grade expectations; easy - with all their benefits accessible within one highly secure portal; and connected - with the ability to configure and personalize their benefit options to meet their individual needs, where they are in life.

    Watch this 60-second video on how the Participant (Employee) Experience in Universal Benefit Account is Smart, Easy and Connect.