The New HR One Experience

    Posted by TASC Large Markets on Sep 10, 2019 3:13:29 PM

    Remember when you had big dreams of building a team of highly engaged, passionate, and motivated do-er’s or the all the times you got motivated to get out and listen to your employees and make a real difference – how you want to be engaged yourself and have an impact in growing your team and company?

    Technology showed promise, streamlined processes, and freed-up time that gave you a glimpse of what was possible in the talent around you. But administering benefits to somehow satisfy all the different needs of a multigenerational workforce dramatically shifted your focus.  Working with all the different platforms, logins, enrollments, and user experiences now take up all your time.   How could you get it back?


    That’s your solution.  One website, one app, one enrollment form, one login, one platform for all your benefits.  Efficiently enroll and manage employees in one place including funding, transaction history and reporting.  Cut your administrative burden by 60%1 by integrating benefits and spend time where it matters most - in developing your team, keeping them engaged and helping the majority2 of them achieve what they want most at work – to have purpose3 and positively contribute in a meaningful way.

    Watch this 60-second video on how the Client (HR) Experience in Universal Benefit Account is Smart, Easy and Connect.

    HubSpot Video


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