Trending Benefits Part 1: 20 Ways Companies Are Enticing Working Moms Back To Work

    Posted by TASC Large Markets on Feb 14, 2022 3:29:43 PM

    When courting a job candidate, companies typically lead with a substantial salary in their offer. And that’s a great start, but frequently it’s not enough. Often it’s the company’s benefits package, which can speak volumes about corporate culture, that will set them apart from other employers and ultimately lure great talent to their ranks.


    How important are benefits?
    According to a recent survey, 40% of workers say their company is not offering employee benefits programs that truly help them, and 69% feel having a wider array of meaningful benefits would increase their company loyalty.1

    Comprehensive benefits packages are even more critical for women.
    In 2020, 2.5 million women chose to leave the workforce, on top of the 5.4 million women who lost their jobs during the pandemic.2 Bringing them back will rely on benefits that specifically address women’s health, along with perks and policies directed at employees with children.

    Benefits currently offered by corporations courting women:

    1. Egg Freezing
    More women are choosing to put off childbearing while they focus on their careers. Preserving their eggs allows women to have both a career and later plans for a family.

    2. Adoption Assistance
    Adopting a child, either domestically or internationally, is a long, often frustrating process filled with interviews, complicated forms, home-studies, waiting lists, and substantial costs. Financial assistance and time off for travel can help these parents tremendously.

    3. In Vitro Fertility Treatment Coverage
    Fertility treatments can cost upwards of $15,000, and these procedures are rarely covered by health insurance. Subsidizing this treatment can remove a great deal of stress for women around starting a family.

    4. Designated Parking for Expectant Mothers
    Reserving a parking spot close to the front doors is a small gesture that will be greatly appreciated by those who are expecting.3

    5. Parental Leave
    In the United States the average length of paid parental leave is only four weeks. This is the lowest amount among 41 first-world countries, and one key reason that women leave the workforce after having a child. Extended paid parental leave can allow parents to bond with their newborn while being supported financially, and potentially return to work when the child is older, and more ready for daycare.4

    6. Breastfeeding Rooms with Hospital-Grade Pumps
    Pumping breast milk at work is a hassle – it has to be done on a schedule, in a clean, comfortable, private environment. A proper breastfeeding room gives new mothers both the equipment and privacy they need.

    7. New Baby Fund
    A baby shower organized by the company’s “sunshine committee” is always appreciated. But companies can add to the celebration by providing new parents with extra funds to pay for all the things needed for a nursery.

    8. Diapers and Wipes Subscription
    A new baby goes through lots and lots of diapers -- up to 2,700 in the first year. Providing a subscription to diapers and wipes can help wipe away those financial worries.

    9. Free Travel Companion for New Moms
    Traveling with a baby takes a few extra hands -- to carry the car seat, the diaper bag, the bottles, toys, books, diapers, wipes and dozens of outfits needed for any outing. So when a new mom brings her baby on a business trip, give her an extra plan ticket for a nanny, partner, or grandparent to help her out.

    10. Complimentary Breastmilk Shipping
    Breastfeeding regimens can be difficult to maintain, especially when mom and baby are separated for any period of time. Helping out with sending breastmilk home will keep your employee and her new baby in synch.

    11. On-Ramping Programs for Parents Re-Entering the Workforce
    Parenting a newborn is an often overwhelming, full-time job. Transitioning from round-the-clock care of a new baby to life in the office can be jarring, to say the least. The same is true for stay-at-home parents who are re-entering the corporate sector. Companies can provide invaluable support to parents, recognizing the magnitude of the change with a gradual on-ramping program.

    12. Onsite Daycare
    Providing a stipend for childcare is terrific, but having onsite childcare is much more attractive to employees – it’s easier, more immediate, and really shows you care about balancing family and work-life.

    13. Childcare Reimbursement
    If onsite daycare isn’t an option, recognize that your employees with small children have substantial expenses providing care for their children so they can be in the office, whether it’s through a nanny, daycare center, or babysitter. Funds to offset that cost makes it easier to commit to your company.5

    14. Day Off for Kids’ First Day of School
    This employee perk costs the company very little, but means to world to parents. It allows moms and dads to be there for milestones in their children’s lives.6

    15. Summer Camp for Employees’ Children
    Kids need campfires and ghost stories. They also need supervision an enrichment activities during the summer when they are not in school. Subsidizing these activities allows parents to give their children exceptional experiences over break, without breaking the budget.

    16. Bring Your Kid to Work Day
    This is a tradition in many workplaces for a good reason – it’s a great relationship-building exercise between coworkers and families, and it’s a lot of fun for kids to find out what their parents do when they leave for work each day.

    17. Child-Friendly Holiday Parties
    Holiday parties are traditionally filled with alcohol and adult activities, so parents need to book babysitters in order to attend. Consider hosting a family-friendly holiday party instead (or in addition). That way no one is left out of festive gatherings.7

    18. Tickets to Family Friendly Activities
    Summer is a great time to take the whole family to area festivals, fairs, amusement parks, and water slides. But the price of admission can be steep, in addition to transportation and meals out. Help your employees take advantage of kid-centric events, ensuring that they not only work hard, they “play hard” too.

    19. College Scholarship/Savings Program
    Many companies assist their employees in learning about financial planning and smart investments. Another way to help parents plan their children’s future is offering college savings strategies and scholarships so higher education is affordable for them.8

    20. Menopause Support
    A natural change that happens to every woman, typically between the ages of 45 and 55, menopause is something that society (and even the medical profession) talks very little about. In order for women and their colleagues to understand the physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that affect women, some companies are starting the conversation. By providing education for both women, their coworkers, and managers, companies can learn how to retain and support their senior female workforce.9

    Editor’s Note: The TASC Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account allows you to use pretax dollars to pay for eligible expenses related to care for your child including fees for licensed day care or adult care facilities, before and after school care programs for dependents under the age of 14, expenses for babysitters or nursery school provided in or outside of your home, nanny expenses attributed to dependent care, preschool fees, summer day care and late pick-up fees. TASC also offers a Child Adoption Assistance Account. See



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