Trending Benefits Part 2: 15 Cool Perks Employees Want Post-Pandemic

    Posted by TASC Large Markets on Feb 17, 2022 2:33:03 PM

    It is no secret that the COVID 19 pandemic has prompted many Americans to reassess their jobs and their relationships with work, which has resulted in employees from all sectors of the economy quitting in droves. In fact, the Labor Department’s Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary estimates that nearly 4 million employees are leaving their jobs every month, in a trend known as “The Great Resignation.”  Perhaps even more alarming, of those who are left in companies’ ranks, 50% are currently looking for a career change, according to a recent  Harris Poll.1


    What are employees looking for?
    According to a survey of 576 employees by the workplace management platform Robin, the “cool” perks that dominated start-ups, like ping pong tables, beer on tap, and free gourmet coffee aren’t nearly as impressive to today’s workforce.2 Instead, new hires – particularly women – are shopping for a company that cares about its employees holistically. This means offering programs to support their physical and mental health; help them maintain a good work-life balance; and actively mitigate the outside stresses that come with having a family. So in order to attract and retain great talent in today’s workplace, your company needs to be both thoughtful and creative about employee benefits.3

    Attractive benefits to consider that address health and wellness.

    1. On-Site Health Facilities
      When an employee is sick, it’s a lose-lose proposition for the company. Either their productivity plummets while they are feeling ill at work (while infecting their colleagues) or they spend that time recuperating at home in between scheduling and attending doctor visits. Particularly if the medical concern is routine or minor, on-site health facilities can help employees improve their physical well-being, while saving time and money. Also, when issues are treated early, employees will also miss work less frequently.4
    2. Mental Health Support
      As early as July 2020, an astonishing 53% of adults in the United States indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic had taken a toll on their mental health. 5 So it’s more important than ever for organizations to take initiative on providing mental health resources for their staff. This might include providing access to counselors by phone or in-person, offering classes in relaxation techniques, meditation, and mindfulness, and making information about depression and stress management readily available for staff. 
    1. Mental Health Days
      As noted above, the pandemic has been challenging to everyone’s wellbeing. Companies can show true empathy to their employees by offering paid days off for mental health breaks, no questions asked. Good managers will trust their team members when they say they need a day to address personal issues, rest, and recalibrate.
    2. On-Site Gym
      Everyone knows regular exercise is good for you. But now research shows it’s also good for business. Studies indicate that physically active employees have 31% higher rates of productivity.6 Regular exercise – whether it’s walking on a treadmill, lifting weights, or doing crunches in an aerobics class – is also key to physical and mental wellness. And having workout facilities on-site means employees are more likely to add some activity to their day. This also saves employees time and money, since they don’t have to commute to a gym or pay for membership. 
    1. Wellness Reimbursement
      Encourage healthy behavior while making it easier for employees to take care of themselves physically. Offer a wellness reimbursement for achieving certain health goals, like walking 10,000 steps a day or working out at a gym three times a week. 
    1. Yoga Classes
      Stretching, balancing, focusing on the breath, and holding poses in yoga can help employees learn how to relieve stress, making it a very useful – and attractive –workplace perk. Yoga is not only good for one’s mental state, it also burns calories while improving core strength, balance, flexibility.7 

    Perks that encourage healthy eating and nutrition.

    1. Healthy Snacks
      Offering nutritious snacks in breakrooms can give employees healthy options when the munchies hit. This helps them work towards diet and lifestyle goals, while also helping them to stay sharp, focused, and engaged throughout the day. Instead of chips and cookies, stock the kitchen or lunchroom with bananas, apples, baby carrots, nuts, protein bars, or granola.8
    1. Nutritionist Services
      Making healthy choices can be difficult for employees who are accustomed to eating a lot of processed or fast food. Help them understand how to make changes in their diet to improve their overall health by offering informational seminars or one-on-one coaching from a professional nutritionist.9
    1. Grocery Delivery
      When you’re working nine to five (or six… or seven), there’s not a lot of time left for grocery shopping. Company-sponsored grocery delivery can give your employees the free time they crave.10

    Offer the benefit of relaxation.

    1. Vouchers for Osteopath and Chiropractor Appointments
      Half of all American employees complain about back pain.11 You company can help relieve employees’ chronic pain issues by encouraging them to seek treatment.
    1. In-Office Massages
      Whether your employees spend the majority of their days at their desks, staring at a computer, or they are constantly on their feet, a relaxing massage is always welcome. It’s a great way to reduce stress, and bringing the services in-house makes it easy and convenient.
    1. Spa Day Reimbursement
      Sometimes your employees just need to relax and say “spa.” As a reward for finishing a big project, or an acknowledgment of consistently high performance, a relaxing day at a spa is a very attractive employee perk. By encouraging employees to treat themselves occasionally, both mentally and physically, your company clearly communicates the value of work-life balance.12

    Women are looking for employers who accommodate flexible work schedules. 

    1. Working From Home and Flex Time
      According to an Employee Benefit News article, the stressors of the pandemic have prompted employees to seek change. Although it’s no longer mandated for safety, working from home full-time is still a perk that 31% of workers are looking for. An additional 24% would prefer a hybrid work model, splitting their time evenly between the office and home.13 This is a great perk for employees – especially working moms. It can also be a cost-saver, organizations can maximize productivity while downsizing their office spaces.
    1. Four-Day Work Weeks
      Another non-traditional schedule for employees returning to the office is a shortened workweek. Studies have shown that working fewer days can result in a 40% boost in worker productivity.14 The four-day week lets employees focus more while they’re at the office and take more time to relax and unwind when they’re not. 
    1. No Official Work Hours
      If your company believes in supporting diverse work styles, consider moving away from official work hours, when all employees must be at their desk, whether in the office or remotely. This allows individuals to determine their own schedule to maximize their productivity while also accommodating the needs of their families. Having the ultimate flexible schedule can also reduce stress and increase job satisfaction. 

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